Yes, I said there would be a posting about time, however that will not be tonight (I wrote this last night) after all. Today I will discuss the editing and such. I started "Book One". I am only 8 pgs or so in, but at least I have started and so far there have only been two things that concern me with it or catch my eye. Hopefully it will progress as the book goes on, if it doesn't at least it is easy to take care of. I figure with the length of "Book One" it shouldn't take too long, and the process that I want to take with it will make everything more smooth than ever. Or at least that is what the hope is, and it is better to hope then to have no hope at all. Right? Either way, it is progress. Hopefully all of these novels will make it onto the shelves, while I can't help too much I do hope that by editing to the best of my ability and helping the authors pull out the bits that are not needed, that it the end help the timeframe and timing of the publishing process. This is however, unknown. I won't make too much a direct impact, but I'm sure I'll make an impact on the authors, and that counts for something.

One day I'll be able to pick up a book and know that I had a small hand in it's getting onto the shelf. Hopefully not a dusty shelf, but there in any case. First I need to finish them! I hope to finish or be near the end of Chapter 1 at the end of this week; yes this may seem like plenty of time, but when  I go through a story and especially for these types of reasons I seem to use as fine-toothed a comb as possible. Finding everything and anything that could use help/improvement. That can be both a help and a hindrance where time and patience is concerned. But all's well that ends well, and I'll be damned if this doesn't end well!

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